You are invited!

The Nordic Radio Amateur Union invites you to
the 53rd Scandinavian Activity Contest (SAC),
taking place as follows:

  • CW: 17-18 September, 12 UTC - 12 UTC
  • SSB: 8-9 October, 12 UTC - 12 UTC
  • Full rules, national records, a searchable score
    database, and links to propagation services for
    pre-contest planning are available at

    You will be pleased to know that a new Single
    Operator Assisted category for non-Scandinavians
    has been added to the rules. Exceptional efforts
    have also taken place this year to mobilize as many
    Scandinavian hams as possible, filling the bands
    with stations for you to work. Keep an eye out
    for the upcoming issue of Contest Club Finland’s
    PileUP!, containing extensive pre-contest coverage.

    The organizers aim at serving you the final
    results within one week from the log submission

    Spread the word, put on your rig and break your
    national record. Put simply, come and heat up the
    Polar Battle!


    On behalf of the SAC 2011 organization,
    Kim OH6KZP (

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