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New Official SAC Web Site

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Today we can announce that a new Official SAC Web Site has been launched at The site contains a contest log robot with some unique features like continuous updated claimed scores. The robot will also do the final log crosschecking!
The aim of the site is to provide a more efficient way of procession all contest logs and hopefully present the final result quicker compared to previous years. The site is still a work in progress and you may see some changes the upcoming days. But the Log Robot will be ready for your logs when the SAC CW is finished on Sunday evening! The site has been developed by SM7LQV and SM3CER.

Received Logs

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

A list with all received logs is published on SM3CER Contest Service. It certainly looks like we have a new record of participants both on CW and SSB! As of 22:nd of October we have received:

    Entity        CW   SSB
    JW             0     1
    LA            16    16
    OH0/OJ0        3     2
    OH            61    38
    OX             0     0
    OY             0     1
    OZ            16    22
    SM            97   102
    TF             4     3
    Scand.       197   185
    Non-Scand.   808   463
    Total       1005   648

Check the listing to see that we have got your log. Please re-submit the log if you can’t find your call sign in the listings. There are also some participants who have submitted logs that are unreadable, wrong format, wrong contest etc. So please check the listing… Go to the list of received logs…

SAC Log Submissions

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

Already a couple of hours after the SAC CW was finnished we had received over 400 logs. And today, Thursday, we are up to 700 logs.

The contest leader SM3CER, Janne handles all the logs manually, i.e. we do not have any log robot, other than Janne. As you can imagine it will take some time until you will get your log submission confirmed. SM3CER will finally acknowledge your log by an email. So please be patient! So far has about 300 email replies been sent out.

A list with received logs will be published at, but it will take a while. After the log deadline the 31st of October a list of claimed scores will be published. Then you will be able to check that your log is in the correct section.

Email addresses for log submission are:

Dealine for log submission is the 31st of October 2008