Awards are in the mail

August 24th, 2009

The SSA officers with SM6JSM & Co have been working hard with the 2008 years awards. The awards are now delivered to the post office.
Calls marked with bold letters in the result lists will receive an award. So take a a careful look in your mailbox for a letter from Sweden! SAC Award 2008
Are you among the more than 800 participants who also qualified for an Anniversary Award? Take a look in the listings and download your own anniversary award.

Final results from 2008

June 22nd, 2009

Thanks to all participants in the 50th Anniversary of the Scandinavian Activity Contest! The Final results are now published! Read more on

Anniversary Awards

SAC Award SAC Award SAC Award
More than 800 stations qualified for one or several awards.
Did you qualify for the Anniversary Award? Download your award…

73 Ingo SM5AJV / SE5E

SAC 2008 Claimed Scores

December 18th, 2008

SM3CER announces:

The Claimed Scores for SAC 2008 are now published!
Links can be found on the 1st page on SM3CER Contest Service at:

If the claimed scores made by you or your software differ from the scores published, the reason can be that the claimed scores are made by the log checking program on equal basis. If you participated and did send a log, please have a look to see that your category is OK.

Please also check that I’ve got the correct operator call, if you used a club or special call and the correct operators, if you were in any of the multi classes. I will now concentrate on checking the logs for the final results and hope to get those out as soon as possible - but please don’t ask me when - I’m working as fast I can…
73 de Jan, SM3CER

P.S. …and yes, OH seems to have made it again, even if SM was very close on SSB! D.S.

Received Logs

October 22nd, 2008

A list with all received logs is published on SM3CER Contest Service. It certainly looks like we have a new record of participants both on CW and SSB! As of 22:nd of October we have received:

    Entity        CW   SSB
    JW             0     1
    LA            16    16
    OH0/OJ0        3     2
    OH            61    38
    OX             0     0
    OY             0     1
    OZ            16    22
    SM            97   102
    TF             4     3
    Scand.       197   185
    Non-Scand.   808   463
    Total       1005   648

Check the listing to see that we have got your log. Please re-submit the log if you can’t find your call sign in the listings. There are also some participants who have submitted logs that are unreadable, wrong format, wrong contest etc. So please check the listing… Go to the list of received logs…

Meet SAC operators on the Baltic Sea

October 7th, 2008

Take the opportunity and meet operators from SAC on the 14th CCF & OHDXF Contest & Dx Meeting on 16-18 January 2009 The meeting concept will be traditional - a ferry cruise on the Baltic Sea, from Helsinki via Aland Islands to Stockholm and back to Helsinki. Presentations take place on board the ferry on Friday evening and on Saturday between 11:00-16:15. Daytime visitors are most welcome on Saturday 17. Jan in Stockholm.

The CCF/OHDXF cruise information packages with reservation information is now available at the OHDXF web

Read more…